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Japan CiNii Research     A database on academic research output in Japan All Campuses Remote Access Available Bookmark
Material Type : Journal Articles / Theses / Books
Subject : General / Humanities / Library and Information Science / Philosophy, Psychology / History, Area Studies / Literature / Japanese Literature / Social Sciences / Politics / Economics / Economics / Sociology / Education / Ethnology / Industry / Music / English Literature / German Literature / French Literature / Arts / Law / Business management / Science & Technology / Administration Engineering
CiNii Research is operated by National Institute of Informatics. It enables you to search wide range of academic output such as books, journals, doctoral dissertations, academic projects and so on. Note the records included in CiNii Research are mainly in Japanese even though the database has English interface.

Use this new database as an alternative to CiNii Articles. In order to extract the former CiNii Articles records, place a check mark on the Advanced Search interface.

Although CiNii Books and CiNii Dissertations have been merged into the new database, they are still capable of being used as individual databases. Here are the details of the both:

CiNii Books
Includes information on books and journals held by academic libraries in Japan.

CiNii Dissertations
Includes information on doctoral dissertations submitted to universities in Japan, or conferred by the National Institute for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation.

※If 'Keio University' is displayed on the upper right of the screen, it means you already have logged into the database. Please do not click Login; no additional logging-in is required.